To minivan or not to minivan….that is the question!

9 May

So, I have fought this for quite a while but I seem to be weakening.  I have been quite content with my Honda CR-V, but I am beginning to realize that we need more space when we travel.  I have actually found myself looking at car websites scanning the mini-van listings after Caigen goes to sleep at night…..sad, I know!  I just know there is a good possibility that the size of our family will eventually increase and a mini-van will no longer be a want….it will become a NECESSITY! 

The mini-van thought has another practicality added to it.  Any of you that know us realize we have been following Dave Ramsey’s budgeting principles, and by selling the CR-V we could free up some cash by purchasing a dependable used mini-van.  This will allow us to pay down some on our “debt snowball”. 

With that said, can anyone recommend a dependable used mini-van model?  I have been giving some attention to the Toyota Sienna and the Honda Odyssey.  Image


Two of the same

29 Apr

I am pretty amazed at how quickly my sons have changed….not only from newborns into almost-toddlers, but just how different they are from one another. I have to be honest, when we found out we were pregnant with twins I thought it would just be like having two of the same baby. Could I have been any more wrong? Lucas is a full two pounds bigger than Logan. Logan crawled almost two weeks before Lucas did, but Logan still had no interest in sitting up for very long. The list goes on!!

Daddy blogs?

26 Apr

I have read that “Mommy blogs” are the big thing right now…..and I think that is awesome.  It is time for the rise of the Daddy blogs. It is my belief that EVERYONE needs an outlet, but guys-for whatever reason-don’t get down like that.  We don’t want to “get in touch” with our feelings.  Well, I think that thought process is CRAZY!  I love writing and I find it ultimately cathartic.  I don’t know how everyone else got into blogging, but I have been dealing with some of the emotions of being a new father and I wanted an outlet for that.  So, this blog will be HONEST if nothing else.  I have made mistakes in the past 9 months (OK……39 years ), but I also want to celebrate victories here as well.

I have known all my life I was meant to be a father.  It is the GREATEST and HARDEST thing I have ever done in my life!  It is also the most rewarding!  It never fails…..regardless of how bad the night has been or how little sleep I have gotten, when I walk into the boys’ room and see them look up and smile at me it all goes away!  I love being Logan and Lucas’ Daddy.  It has also made me appreciate my wife, Caigen, even more than I already did.  You may get tired of hearing me brag on her but I can’t help it!  She REALLY is the best! Thanks for coming on this journey with me.

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25 Apr

The title pretty much sums up this post.  I just read an incredible book by Jon Acuff called “Start”.  Check it out at .  It is all about taking stock in the things that matter in life and putting effort towards those things.

Writing is something I have enjoyed for quite a while but really kept telling myself I didn’t have time.  As you can tell from this blog title….my wife and I have soon-to-be 9 month old twin boys.  They are such a joy!  We hear all the comments as we walk into the grocery—are they twins?  are they boys?  are they identical?  The answers…..Yes. Yes. No.  The boys are amazing.  They have taught me much more than I will ever teach them.  My wife and I have convinced ourselves that we may have been the laziest people on the planet before they came along, because somehow we still get all the things done that we need to…..and the boys are still alive.  I am going to share some of the lessons we have learned along the way and hopefully give some tips to expecting parents (especially Dads) of twins.  This is all new to me, and I hope I can help someone else by sharing my experiences.  Stick around and see where this goes!